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N°23 | 11 October 2020

This is another issue of Finding Beauty, a collection for the curious, the self-motivated learners and the explorers inside us all, edited by Antonio, our Creative Director and Head of Storytelling. 

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

If so, then the image that describes this week best would undoubtedly be this. Nonstop adrenaline, unwavering, where only climbing to your fate allows you to catch your breath. Perhaps the first case in which the descent is more tiring than the climb. But even if we are all a bit overfilled with the extra dose of lactic acid, this is great news.

It's the sign of an industry that, like the spinner in Inception, wobbles and falters, but fortunately it doesn't stop spinning.

So take this new Top 5 and have a spin too.
Flip the links like you would flip your super instagrammable Sunday morning pancakes. Over low heat and with the certainty that the result will be both beautiful to the eye and tasty to the palate.



"For the first time in 51 years, drug prices have dropped", "We have made the biggest tax cut", "By the end of next year we will build a 50-mile wall".

Some of these will sound familiar to you, as many of the thousands of Trump's lies have crossed borders. Collecting them all would be impossible, but someone went to great lengths to turn them into an installation. Perhaps one of the few positive examples of political communication, within one of what can easily be called the ugliest election campaign in American history and which leaves us with the feeling that whoever is elected will be a very unelected figure.

How far are the times of Obama drawn by Obey and these beautiful pieces of communication? By the way: if you'd like to see a good documentary on Obey's controversial illustration, check it out here.
Maybe put a post-it note on the wall, so as not to forget about it.




This is the average level of news I got by opening the homepages of the main Italian newspapers. Not exactly the kind of news you would find in the dictionary under the heading "encouraging". Newspaper galleries look more and more like horror galleries.

So what can you do, besides resigning? Beauty is like an edelweiss. A rare flower, which you have to go looking for by climbing a little.

It is difficult to find it, but not impossible. While climbing we found this: a collection of good news from around the world, which will make us regain some confidence in the human race.

Which help us remember that for every shot that comes out of a gun barrel, a chocolate cake comes out of an oven. For every slap on the cheek, there is the kiss of a newly awakened child. For every light bulb that goes out, there is a sign lighting up for a bar that has just opened up.


With the right light and the right framing, this door can make you feel like Jim Carrey trying to get out of a dystopian reality show. But the set it takes you to will be closer to that of a submarine than of a TV show.  Immerse yourself in this funny journey on a Swiss lake.
Or stay out and enjoy your Instagram opportunity.



You may or may not like it in terms of genre, plot, story or whatever. But the art direction, photography and aesthetics of this new Netflix series deserves an evening of binge-watching.
In this One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest inspired series, nurse Sarah Paulson makes an extraordinary show in every appearance. Her face, her skill in front of the camera blend perfectly with the impeccable scenography, where nothing is left to chance.

The neon white lights of the asylum highlight the color palette of Paulson's and other characters' stylings. They are the typical crazy colors of the forties and fifties. The same actress in an interview about the costumes said:

"What I love most is the outfit I wear when I arrive at the gas station for the first time. I have this gorgeous rust-brown hat with my initial 'R' brooch. In those years all the things I love most were in fashion - shoulder pads, dresses squeezed at the waist, wide voluminous skirts. A dream!"

So watch this series just to enjoy the colors of a little dream, where even a psychiatric hospital can be incredibly chic.


The deep fake. There has been a lot of talk about it recently, both in enthusiastic and terrified tones, as always happens in the face of news. Opportunities on the one hand, the party of risks on the other. For now it has only produced small experiments, mostly as funny as this one.

In this new piece of communication, it finally shows its full potential. Storytelling, depth, emotion. The deep fake was able to bring a boy back to life for one last, very strong message.
Which for me was like a blow to the heart.

Just like the one that killed him years ago during one of the many American high school shootings.

Catch you at the next break, buddys


Antonio Di Battista

Creative Director, Head of Storytelling at Imille

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